Event Horizon (playthrough) by Eyes Eternal (2020)

‘Event Horizon’ is the 2nd single by Irish metal band, Eyes Eternal. Music and Lyrics by Cormac Jordan
Cormac is playing a Solar A2.7 TBRM through a Kemper Profiling Amp

Vocals, Guitar, Bass – Cormac Jordan
Drums – Damian Dziennik
Drum Production, Mixing, Mastering – JSR Audio


Welcome to the great nothingness
It’s a blank canvass so paint your fear here
Or the moment that brought you to this point
Or sip until you’re bursting with emptiness

This monster lives
The force of this being
Sucks out my very soul

It knows your weakness and uses it
To hypnotise and grip you tight
How could any human, know or survive
This monstrous being of no sight

Swallow me whole
Sip the poison chalice
You’ve taken every colour
Now wash away the grey

Show me every image
Surround me in my regret
Smother in absense
You’ve swallowed my hope, now swallow me

My every molecule has been ripped apart
No being only presence
Some strange concept far removed from man
This cannot be death, but it cannot be life