Driveshaft Hard Rock / Co. Cork

Prior to DRIVESHAFT, guitarist and singer, Gerry Lane had played in several bands from Cork and the surrounding area. During this time he met Noel Redding, ex-bass player of THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, who he toured with throughout Ireland with several bands. During the late 1970’s, Lane joined a Cork based group called DISCOVERY. They released a single called ‘I Know What You’re After / Cold As Ice’. But being unhappy with the direction of this band, Lane and drummer Wayne Sheehy formed the hard rock band DRIVESHAFT in 1980. Some remaining copies of the single were then re-labelled as a DRIVESHAFT release. The band would go on to have a revolving door policy when it came to members, with Lane being the only constant.

Their first proper 7″ single ‘Heartbreaker / Now That It’s Over’ was released in 1982. This was followed up by another 7″ single, ‘Hot Love / Outta My Way’, the following year. And they released a live EP called, ‘Live Cutz’ in 1984 featuring three new songs recorded in the SFX Centre in Dublin the previous year, just before their supporting slot to MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. They also supported many other big name acts such as SAXON, DEF LEPPARD and PHIL LYNOTT’s GRAND SLAM.

In 1983, Lane had moved the band to London. They recorded some demos and started recording an album that was being produced by John Sinclair, keyboard player for OZZY OSBOURNE. Eventually! Cozy Powell and Neil Murray got involved, both of whom served time in legendary bands such as RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE, GARY MOORE, BLACK SABBATH, BRIAN MAY and many more. With Powell and Murray, they re-recorded some tracks and also recorded new tracks too. Titles that are known include, ‘Lonely Nights, Lonely Days’, ‘Crying’ , ‘Shout’, ‘Unchain My Heart’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Go For It’.

Apparently the name for this project was to be CAJO, and not DRIVESHAFT. But going by the video clip from Gerry Lane below it would appear that the two projects were possibly active at the same time. Guitarist Jaime Page, who was part of this recording line-up, stated that he joined DRIVESHAFT in 1985 to record some tracks with John Sinclair brought in to play and produce. And again in 1986 to record more tracks, but this time at RAK Studios with Cozy Powell and Neil Murray involved. No mention of it being for CAJO. To add to the confusion. The single ‘Unchain My Heart / Go For It’ appears to have been released in Ireland in 1985 under the name DRIVESHAFT, yet Cozy Powell and Neil Murray are credited with being in the band when it was recorded. Unless it was a version from the 1985 sessions, and not from the 1986 RAK sessions. Also! According Jaime Page, the RAK sessions version of the band failed to secure a record deal. So the album was never completed, and Cozy Powell eventually joined BLACK SABBATH. It’s not known exactly how many tracks were recorded during the unfinished DRIVESHAFT/CAJO recording sessions at RAK, or even to what extent they were finished to before the recording was halted. But two of the tracks, ‘Crying’ and ‘Shout’ (as ‘I wanna Hear You Shout’) did eventually surface in 1992 on the Cozy Powell album, “The Drums Are Back”. And ‘Unchain My Heart’ also surfaced on a “The Drums Are Back – Rough Mix” album, which I think is a bootleg.

Finding copies of the old DRIVESHAFT records is next to impossible. There are a couple of blogs online that have the ‘Heartbreaker’ single available for download, and the Cozy Powell album is still available. But that is pretty much it. The only other release I could find any trace of was the ‘Live Cutz EP’. It had been sold on eBay just after Christmas last year for £141. So being the chancer that I am, I emailed the seller and asked if he’d made a digital copy of it. Two days later I got an email with the music files attached. Which was pretty decent of the guy!

Gerry Lane has been active on various fronts over the years and has released several solo albums, all ranging in various forms of rock from blues to country and straight up rock. Releases include “Meloneras Blues” in 2008… “Till The End Of The Line” in 2010, which has a decent AC/DC blues style with a GARY MOORE vibe to it… The country tinged rock album “Long Way Home”… And in 2015 Gerry Lane revisited his early years and re-recorded tracks from DISCOVERY and DRIVESHAFT for the album “Bloodlines”.

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Hard Rock, Rock, Soft Rock

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Members (Current)

  • Gerry Lane - Vocals/Guitar
  • Jaime Page - Guitar
  • John Sinclair - Keyboards
  • Neil Murray - Bass
  • Cozy Powell - Drums

Members (Former)

  • David O'Donovan - Guitars
  • Noel Curran - Guitar
  • Jeremy Nagle - Guitar
  • Fred Avesque - Guitar
  • John Hennessey - Bass
  • Noel Murphy - Bass
  • Pat O’Driscoll - Bass
  • Graham Waxman - Drums
  • Wayne Sheehy - Drums
  • Gary Hartnett - Drums
  • Mike Maher - Drums