DRIVESHAFT: 80’s Cork Rockers Anthology Release on Obscure NWOBHM Releases… Posted: 06/04/2020 by John O'Brien

DRIVESHAFT was a hard rock band formed in County Cork Ireland in the early 1980’s by singer/songwriter/guitarist Gerry Lane.DRIVESHAFT was one of the top three hard rock bands working and touring in Ireland in the early 1980’s.DRIVESHAFT have gain a kult status in the nwobhm movement with most of the singles impossible to find. For the first time their singles and the “unreleased London Demos” album will be released in a digital format. Featuring 16 songs, photos, biography and everything you need to know about the band.

01. Heartbreaker
02. Hold On
03. Lonely Nights Lonely Days
04. Suspicion
05. Love Made A Fool Of Me
06. First Step Of Love
07. Too Hot To Touch
08. Addicted To You

09. I Know What You’re After
10. Cold As Ice
11. Heartbreaker
12. Now That Is Over
13. Hot Love
14. Keep Outta My Way
15. Take A Chance On Me
16. Let It Rock

DRIVESHAFT – heartbreaker the Anthology cd (ONR016)
Limited to 600 copies. You can order now from ONR’s bigcartel.
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