Carnún Rising Death Metal / Co. Cork

CARNÚN RISING have had a pretty patchy existence. I’m not going to go into too much detail as it’s all included in the biography further down. But it all started pretty well as RENEWAL releasing ‘Old World Order’ in 2001 and then as CARNÚN RISING releasing the Irish metal classic ‘At The Dawn Of A New Dark Age’ a couple of years in 2003. Then it all went a bit pear shaped.

Work began on their follow-up album which was due to be titled ‘Bituriges’, but progress seemed to be slow. They still played the odd gig and even managed to score a support slot for the mighty SLAYER when they played along with MASTODON as part of the ‘Live At the Marquee’ concert series in Cork, 2007. As a precursor to the the supposed upcoming new album, in the run up to the gig they released the ‘Vercingetorix EP’ as a FREE download. The show was huge success for the band, playing in front of about 2000 people in their home town. It was an ideal opportunity to try and capitalise on and help regain some momentum for the band, but then… NOTHING…!!! Although I wouldn’t count them out just yet. The band still has the odd practice session and even made a couple of attempts to schedule some gigs towards the end of last year, but had to postpone once again due to work commitments. Only time will tell…

I chanced my arm a while back and asked Mick if he’d be OK with me uploading some of their stuff on here, to which he was more than happy to let me work away with whatever I wanted to add. So here’s everything the band has released to date… Thanks a million to Mick for giving his blessing and also to Paul Keohane for providing me with a copy of the debut RENEWAL album, ‘Old World Order’.

Biography from CARNÚN RISING Facebook…

“Formed in Cork City in August 1999 By Michael O’Sullivan (MISCREANT), as RENEWAL. With Colin O’Brien on guitar and Pete Lawlor (ABHOR) on bass, though Denis Coveney (FLATLINE) did fill in for a while after Pete had a near fatal motorbike accident. With Shane O Brien on drums this line up then recorded various rehearsal demos (one of which did manage to get bootlegged), and eventually in late 2000 went into the Studio to record “Old World Order”, their debut album on Acheron Records.

At this stage the band began changing direction to the more familiar death metal sound that characterises their style today. Shane decided to leave the band and a replacement was found in the person of John Desmond (JUNKYARD, PEDESTAL). When it came to their attention early in 2002 that other bands called RENEWAL existed, the band decided to change their name to CARNÚN RISING. Their IRON MAIDEN influenced pagan/melodic/brutal (depending on who you believe) death metal still retains a highly thrashing element and the band’s overtly and unashamed Metal attitude comes across clearly in the live situation.

In 2003 the band released their first album under the name CARNÚN RISING, “At the Dawn of a New Dark Age” on Acheron Records. The album received great reviews from all quarters, including 9/10 from Metal Observer. Tracks from the CD also appeared on the ‘Thrash or be Thrashed (an International Tribute to Thrash)’ compilation (Blackfish Records), the ‘Mother of Mercy’ compilation ( and ‘Intoxicated Vol. II’.

Also in 2003 John left the band for personal reasons, and there was a break in live shows while they found a new drummer. In January 2004 Cathal Murphy (PAGAN REIGN, MAEL MÓRDHA, KARNAYNA) took over behind the kit. In the same month, CARNÚN RISING headlined the ‘METAL am der RUHR’ festival in Mulheim, Germany, and a week later supported ENTOMBED at The Village in Dublin. They also played with ABADDON INCARNATE at the launch of their ‘Dark Crusade’ album in Cork. In September 2004 CARNÚN RISING supported DESASTER at the Star Club in Mulheim. The track “Reign of Darkness” from “At the Dawn…” was released on the Metalworks Magazine compilation. In March 2005, the band recruited a third guitarist in the person of Ian O’Sullivan (HALLOWED, MISCREANT) to cope with the demands of their more complex new material. CARNÚN RISING played a number of All-Ages shows in Cork in 2006, including one with DISMEMBER, and a sold out headline show at the famous Half moon Club and finally finished off the year by headlining the Acheron Winterfest.”




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Michael O’Sullivan - Vocals/Guitars
  • Pete Lawlor - Bass
  • Mike Daly - Guitars
  • Ian O’Sullivan - Guitars
  • Cathal Murphy - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Colin O’Brien - Guitars
  • Denis Coveney - Bass
  • Shane O’Brien - Drums
  • John Desmond - Drums