Beneath The Sod Doom Metal / Co. Dublin

Official Facebook Biography…

“Decrepit filth summoned forth from the subconscious multiverse that coils, spits and spews within the rotted wastes of my blackened pulsating brain.”

Fort Evil Fruit Biobrpahy…

“Ray Keenaghan has long been involved in Ireland’s doom scene as the drummer of WRECK OF THE HESPERUS and more recently Gourd. His new solo project Beneath the Sod is in similar territory to WOTH‘s self-styled “mental funeral doom” but with a different unsavoury flavour – his usual percussive fluidity being for the most part replaced with neanderthal brutality amid harsh noise-damaged riffage and industrial decay. Features guest appearances from AC (WOTH, MALTHUSIAN) and Baggy (WAR IRON) and artwork from AC and Paul McCarroll (PRIMORDIAL et al). A soundtrack to slowly mummifying bog bodies.”




Doom Metal, Drone/Noise, Funeral Doom, Industrial



Members (Current)

  • Ray Keenaghan - Everything