Bad Boat Doom Metal / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

“Thanks a million to Tom Clarke for helping out with this Archive page for the brilliant BAD BOAT. One of my all-time personal favorite Irish bands. It’s hard to pin down exactly what it is about the band and their releases that appeal to me. All I know is that once I start spinning ‘Blues Gone Black’ or ‘Lonely Doom’ I can’t bring myself to interrupt them. I have to let them play all the way through and usually end up hitting repeat too. I had my own piece written up for this myself, but Tom passed on his own write-up which left mine looking like a pile of dog shit. It’s obvious that the man takes a lot of pride in his past musical works. And rightly so, as far as BAD BOAT, and indeed HOWLIN’ WIDOW are concerned.”

The band gigged relentlessly locally but not far afield. They were well supported though and by 2005 their second demo ‘Breathing Space’ garnered great reviews and a ‘demo of the month’ review in Metal Hammer that July stated ridiculously that “they probably pour bong water on cornflakes” and realistically “they make a psychedelic and sandy noise that stands somewhere between FU MANCHU and CATHEDRAL”. Frustration, lack of funds and general drunkenness took its toll after the band made attempts to record an album themselves. Steve left to play with death metal band DEVILMAKESTHREE. John also left when he got married. Steve agreed to do drums on the eventual studio album ‘Blues Gone Black’ though, and it was released by local label Rundown Records also home of HONEY FOR CHRIST and CONDEMNED.

Mike McGoran from alternative rock band Shylock joined on drums and Bad Boat started work on songs ‘Lonely Doom’ and ‘Lucky To Be Breathing’ for a planned 10” split record with HAIEETA in 2008 to be released on legendary label Good Vibrations. The band still gigged a lot locally but also began playing more shows throughout Ireland including a short tour with ORANGE GOBLIN, bills with ERIC BELL, GREY DATURAS, OSTINATO and an unplanned reunion gig on Rathlin Island ‘Jigs And Rigs’ fest with John back on guitar. A planned UK tour fell apart when Graeme decided to leave the band. He was replaced by Mike’s brother Gerard who quickly learned the songs and they enjoyed some great shows including BRANT BJORK and HERMANO before recording some live tracks to compile with the songs that were planned for the 10” split release, resulting in the ‘Lonely Doom’ cd in 2009.




Doom Metal, Rock, Stoner Doom

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Tom Clarke - Vocals
  • Niall Ward - Bass
  • Graeme Heyburn - Guitar
  • Paul Gallagher - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Jason Hendry - Bass
  • John Gallagher - Guitar
  • Gerard McGoran - Guitar
  • Doot O'Reilly - Drums
  • Michael McGoran - Drums
  • Stephen Hobson - Drums
  • Gerard Gallagher - Drums