WIN…!!! : SVET KANT “Three Faces” CDs & T-shirts… Posted: 12/04/2022 by John O'Brien

Thanks to the lads in SVET KANT, we have two copies of the bands new “Three Faces” CD along with two band t-shirts up for grabs…
To be in with a chance all you have to do is send an email to  (irishmetalarchives @ with “WIN THREE FACES” in the subject header along with your postal address in the email.
While your doing that, have a listen to one of the new tracks on the EP in the video link below…


SVET KANT is committed to defying the rules and boundaries of the metal genre.  Completing the line-up in 2015, the band has become a relentless entity growing unstoppably ever since. The Dublin-based quartet blends metal with elements of jazz, carefully crafted dissonance, and rhythmic richness, while delivering powerful and crushing live performances.  Drawing influences from the likes of OPETH, GOJIRA, DEVIN TOWNSEND, and MESHUGGAH, SVET KANT‘s lyrics’ dwell on the paradoxes of the human behaviour and the infinity of the mind.

The band’s philanthropic mission is to inspire a challenge and new creative possibilities within the metal scene. SVET KANT touring endeavours brought them across Irish, European, and Russian territories with over a hundred shows under their belt. Its two albums “The Visage Unbiased” (2019) and “Loneliness” (2013) have been released and published in North-American, European, and Asian markets, and have garnered extremely positive and outstanding reviews from fans and critics around the globe.

SVET KANT began as a side project lead by Santiago Kodela while playing in the Argantinian thrash metal band MALICIA. The name SVET KANT is the Slovenian translation for “Holy failure”. The message behind this is that without failure there is no learning, and without learning there is no inner growth. Originally the band was to be called ANTHROPOPHOBIA, but due to the fact that this name had already been used, it was decided, since being half Slovenian, to look for a name and translate in order to narrow the possibilities of using a name that had already been used.

In April-2013 Santiago left Argentina and re-based in Dublin, Ireland and released SVET KANT’s first full-length album “Loneliness”. After moving from Buenos Aires to Dublin, Kodela started looking for musicians able to fit SVET KANT, and with the passion that the music deserves. SVET KANT‘s first official new member was Liam Roy, who joined Kodela in the pursuit of the remaining members to complete the line-up. The band eventually came across the experience and maturity of a new bass player, Noface blackghostknifefishcreepshow “yup!” (DREAMCREEPER, THE INITIATORS, XEROSUN, PADLOCK, TEN EYES BLAZING, ALLIGATOR). Daragh Kenny (KEVIN ON A BIKE, McGALLIGOG, MORALITY, HORRENDA) also joined the band as a permanent drummer, having started as a session drummer originally and has been gigging with the band from August 2015.

Through a quest of experimenting and defying the boundaries of the metal genre, SVET KANT re-designs both harmony and rhythm while defining a unique and un-missable personal sound. New sonic landscapes and tantalising harmonic textures are explored on second full length album “The Visage Unbiased” which sees SVET KANT working for the first time with Ireland’s top metal producer Michael Richards at Trackmix Studio on tracking and mixing with final mastering at New York’s Sterling Sound by the hand of legendary engineer Ted Jensen (DEFTONES, PANTERA, ALICE IN CHAINS, GOJIRA), vocal coaching by Judith Mok (EDDIE VEDDER, THOM YORKE, MICK JAGGER) and a guest appearance by soprano Rebecca Rodgers (Northern Ireland Opera) bring a unique and forward-thinking touch to the overall album, completely departing from the paradigms and rules of the metal genre.


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