The Visage Unbiased Album by Svet Kant (Death Metal, 2019)



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01. Delirium (Introitus)
02. The Throne
03. Labyrinths (of Scorn)
04. A Gaze Indifferent to Your Suffering
05. Circular
06. Faceless Being
07. An Overlapping of Feelings (part I, II, III)
08. The Cogs of Envy
09. Personae Contra Natura
10. Sea of Planets

Release Date:  31st May, 2019 
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Produced by Santiago Kodela and Svet Kant.
Tracked/mixed at TrackMix Recording Studios (Dublin) by Michael Richards.
Mastered at Sterling Sound (NY) by Ted Jensen

Santiago Kodela – Guitars / Vocals
Daragh Kenny – Drums
Paul Cassidy – Bass
Liam Molloy – Guitars


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