URBAN ASSAULT: AXIAL SYMMETRY… All You Need To Know! Posted: 18/02/2017 by John O'Brien

Continuing with our rundown of bands playing at next weeks URBAN ASSAULT FEST in Cork on Saturday the 25th February. We next shift our focus to Dublin’s AXIAL SYMMETRY. And with the recent release of the bands latest EP “United Corruption”, the Industrial Death/Thrashers are eager to impress and show Cork their mettle... 
Gavin Doyle (Guitars/Vox/Keys)
Matt O’Brien (L.Guitars/B.Vox)
Dave O’Reilly (Bass)
Diego Rodrigues (Drums)
Axial Symmetry
Where are they from and how did they get together?

They starting off in Dublin as just a 2-man band in September 2009 by Gavin Doyle and Matt O’Brien and spent their formative years writing and demoing a number of original songs. Despite being a 2 piece they were determined to bring their music to a live setting under any circumstance which they finally achieved in 2012. In the summer of 2014 they welcomed Diego Rodrigues on drums and in early 2016 Dave O’Reilly joined on bass duties which gave the band a complete line up. They have played a number of gigs around the country and supported the likes of Germany’s HATRED and ISLAY on small tours or one off shows in Ireland and has also toured Ireland and England with fellow Irish Death Metallers SYPHOR to support New Zealand’s SINATE.

– Accomplishments to date!

“This band coming to fruition and that we’ve been doing this for almost 8 years and still feel like we’ve much more ahead of us to try and accomplish.”
They released their first EP “Nothing Is Left” in 2013 and up until 2014 they used a laptop to provide backing drum tracks. Their latest EP “United Corruption” is the bands first recording as a complete unit. And it’s release shows coincided with a run of dates around Ireland with Death/Grind legends ABADDON INCARNATE.

– Plans for 2017 and beyond?

“Our plans are to start working on new material, play more shows and reach new areas of the country we haven’t played in before and we’re hoping to go back to the UK again for some shows.”

– Is their anyone on Urban Assault you’re looking forward to?

“We’re looking forward to seeing AETERNUM VALE, STEREO NASTY and CHRIST AGONY. But we’re excited to check out all the bands on the bill.”

– What can we expect from your show?

“We always try to play our best and put on an energetic and enjoyable show.”
With a hard work ethic and a strong desire for performance they keep pushing their energy to provide an experience unlike any other by creatively weaving political audio clips into their sets to make for an intense live show.

– Who would you kill to play/tour with?

“HYPOCRISY would be a great band to tour with. That would be amazing!”