URBAN ASSAULT: EMIGRA… All You Need To Know! Posted: 17/02/2017 by John O'Brien

Continuing with our rundown of bands playing at next weeks URBAN ASSAULT FEST in Cork on Saturday the 25th February. We bring you multi-cultural hardcore/deathcore outfit EMIGRA. Always a crowd-pleaser in their hometown and beyond, EMIGRA know how to whip their audience into a frenzy and deliver a vicious and intense live show every time.... 
Tony Macca (Vocals)
Szymon Saługa (Guitar)
Daniel Danowski (Guitar)
Pawel Kuczynski (Bass)
Tomasz Bożek (Drums)
– Where are they from and how did they get together?


“We are a five piece band deathcore band, although we do like to mix up our styles and experiment. We are based in Cork, but four of our members are from Poland and our singer then is a Cork man himself. We have been together for the bones of 7 years with a few lineup change’s here and there. Tony our vocalist joined up with us back in 2011 when he moved up to Cork and pretty much hit it off there and then. We recorded our first EP “Deadlights” in Swindon, UK in 2012 and did a lot of gigging around that time. We also shot our first music video for the track “Deadlights” and we even got to play in the metal open air festival in Poland, with bands like MEGADETH and FEAR FACTORY. After that Tony decided to take a hiatus and move away from Cork for a few years. We had a few vocalists between that time and had two single “Wounds” and “Negatives”. After that the vocalists parted from the band and Tony came back into the mix and we went of and recorded a single and shot our latest video for “Tomb”, Since then we have been doing gigs which brings us to now and URBAN FUCKING ASSAULT!

– Accomplishments to date!

“An E.P, two videos and playing the Metal Open Air metal Festival in Poland.”

– Plans for 2017 and beyond?

“So we have a big 2017!! We are currently writing for our next EP. Hopefully to release in the summer and bring out some new singles before that, we do want to get out of Ireland some more and do a European tour. Sorting out new merch. And obviously bating into more venues in Ireland too.”

– What are you’re influences?


– Is their anyone on Urban Assault you’re looking forward to?

“Really looking forward to seeing ZHORA, CHRIST AGONY and AESECT. The lineup is fantastic, so really looking forward to the whole show!”

– What can we expect from your show?

“Sweat, Blood & Digs.”

– Who would you kill to play/tour with?

SLIPKNOT and KORN cos we basically grew up listening to them.”