SECTILE: Announce “Falls Apart” Artwork & Tracklist… Posted: 13/01/2020 by John O'Brien

Dublin based Progressive Metallers SECTILE have revealed the title, artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming debut album, “Falls Apart” which will see it’s release on the 25th of February! 
1. The Hunt
2. Archetypes
3. Black Cloud
4. Boreal Void
5. Daggers
6. Favourite Sin
7. Dying Of The Lights – Purpose / Silence / Aethernity


The band are also delighted to reveal the cover art, designed by our singer Gabriel Gaba! This is what Gabriel had to say about it:

“The cover art for ‘Falls Apart’ is my most ambitious and challenging project to date! Designing it was a very interesting process, being the band’s lyricist, to create visual metaphors to go with what is being told in the lyrics. I knew I wanted to create a big, complex composition full of elements. There is a double meaning to ‘Fall’ in the title, and I used autumnal elements and colours to emphasise that. The ‘Falls Apart’ theme appears more than once in the album and the zoomorphic figures are archetypes for life, death, nature, evil, beauty, time and our own mortality, as well as the human relationship to the divine, all things that are present in the lyrics. A lot of Sectile’s visual iconography nod to the infamous ‘Lesser Key of Solomon’, a (real!) medieval spell book used to, among other things, conjure demons and I always found it a fascinating source of inspiration. Those who read through the lyrics will find many easter eggs in the artwork and I hope it really resonates with them.”


Sectile are a five-piece progressive metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Drawing inspiration from a medley of different musical backgrounds, the classics up to contemporary metal

The band was officially formed in November 2016 but it started a few months prior as an online collaboration between Mark O’Reilly (guitar), Cormac Hennigan (bass) and singer/lyricist Gabriel Gaba, whom they found online. Before long the trio realized that the affinity of their collective musical interest was not to be taken lightly. After recruiting Zachary Newman for drum duties the project gained a life of its own and evolved into an ambitious soon-to-be live band. Second axeman Daniel Boyce was brought in soon after, eventually being replaced by guitarist Michael Sheridan in 2017.

Sectile’s prologue quickly became intertwined with the Irish edition of the ‘Metal 2 The Masses’, as decisions upon the band’s name, the recording and launch of their first demo song ‘A Fool’s Reward’ were motivated by the event’s sign-up deadline. The band played their first gig in the legendary Dublin metal bar, Fibber Magees, on a Thursday night. Ten days later, their second-ever gig in M2TM. From seemingly out of nowhere the band made it to the final, receiving abundantly positive reviews in the process.

Sectile spent a good part of 2017 recording their self-titled 4-song debut EP, which was released in November of that year to a positive reception, receiving coverage in HotPress and Metal Ireland, as well as being featured on radio stations across Ireland and the UK.

After some notable gigs throughout the year to follow, including renowned Irish metal festival the ‘Siege of Limerick’ on April 2018 and two finals of Metal2TheMasses, the single ‘The Hunt’ was launched in October 2018 to indicate a shift towards a more progressive musical direction that would be the basis of a full-length album.

2019 saw the addition of Marcelo Varge taking over the vacated spot left by Michael Sheridan.