Zhi Ren Groove Metal / Co. Cork

Editor Notes:

Another one of Cork’s recent additions to the metal scene is ZHI REN, featuring current and former members of other notable acts such as SOOTHSAYER, PETHROPHIA, INHALE THE FALL and ARTFUL RENEGADE

Debut video and “Who Fucked The Monkey” EP due for release in Juse 2017.

Official Facebook Biography…

“Spawned in the depths of West Cork, ZHI REN have emerged from winter’s cold embrace to impart onto you the fruits of their frigid seclusion. The newly formed four piece are shedding the skin from past genres, creating a sonance that will take you through their twisted world.

Elephantine riffs and stygian darkness, with a groove as deep as the abyss. Amidst the wailing guitars and guttural vocals you will be sheathed in a disturbing ambience that will linger with you in the darkest shadows.”




Groove Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Vocals - Críostóir Ó Dálaigh
  • Guitar - Pavol Rosa
  • Bass - Daithí Ó Mathúna
  • Drums - Edmund Blunden

Members (Former)

  • Bass - Eibhlín Palfrey
  • Drums - David Christy Jones