The Naut Doom Metal / Co. Antrim

Originally formed and soon split in the the early 2000’s. David on guitars, Joe on bass and Marty on drums. They only ever released ‘The Cosmonaut’ EP in 2001 which I strongly advise you check out in the player below. With their solid groove and heavy riffs approach to the power trio formula they quickly earned a reputation as a ‘must see’ live act. During their short lifespan COSMONAUT managed to tour Ireland and parts of the UK before ending things sometime in 2002. But all three members would eventually all reconvene down the line in later form of THE NAUT. And even further down the line in the current SLOMATICS line-up.

From the ashes of COSMONAUT drummer and guitarist, Marty and David reconvened soon after their time with COSMONAUT ended. And with the addition of Chris as a second guitarist, a similar but much fiercer beast arose in the form of THE NAUT. This basic line-up performed a few gigs in the early days and recorded the ‘Soundmill Tapes’ demo in 2002 which was never officially released. And according to the band only about twenty copies were distributed in total. All but one of the 4 demo tracks would be re-recorded and released on their following two EP’s. Baggy (LESSHELP, WAR IRON) soon joined on vocals. This 4-piece then recorded their first official three track EP in 2003, simply known as the ‘Brown CD’. And soon after Joe, who had previously been in COSMONAUT also, joined the fold on bass to complete the unit. Another three track ‘Yellow CD’ was released the following year in 2004.

They became renowned as a formidable live act who toured all over the country. Feedback heavy riffs! Crushing drums! Filthy vocals! You get the picture? Two more tracks were recorded and intended to be included on a split, but the band had called it quits before it could be released. One of these tracks, ‘Cruel Mistress’ had a video made for it and was released on Youtube. The other ‘Seeing Eye’ was never officially released. However! All of the bands recorded material was made available for completely FREE DOWNLOAD by the band. So do yourselves a favour and check it out on the players below.

Following the demise of THE NAUT, Baggy and Marty both went on to form their current band WAR IRON, with Marty switching to bass duties. And Joe, David and Chris moved on to form their current band SLOMATICS, with Joe switching to drums and vocals. And just recently! As of the end of November 2011, Marty has reconvened with Dave and Chris in SLOMATICS as their new drummer after Joe decided to leave the band.




Doom Metal, Sludge Doom, Stoner Doom

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Martin - Drums
  • Joe - Bass
  • David - Guitars
  • Chris - Guitars
  • Baggy - Vocals