Settler Heavy Metal / Co. Limerick

Heavy Metal band from Limerick featuring current and former members of other Limerick bands, such as SHARDBORNE, TRENCHKNIFE, DISCORD, THREE HOUR CEASEFIRE, DARK_MATTER and NO MANS LAND.

Debut Self-Titled EP was released on the 29th March, 2023.

SETTLER seamlessly blends classic grooves, heavy metal riffing, and world class guitar solos. Their high energy sets are characterised by over-the-top vocal performances and arena rock arrangements that never fail to get the crowd pumping their fists with joy.

Despite having played only a handful of gigs to date, SETTLER has already established a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts on the Irish music scene. Their infectious musicality and good-time vibes quickly win over audiences at every show. For those tired of the endless onslaught of morbidity that dominates the grassroots Metal scene, SETTLER offers an unashamedly fun loving alternative. Their songs are raucous and effortlessly familiar to new listeners. No matter if you’re looking for a night of head-banging fun or just a chance to let loose, SETTLER has got you covered.

At the heart of SETTLER’s thunderous sound is their tight-knit rhythm section, featuring bassist Eoin and drummer Brian. Their driving, four-to-the-floor grooves provide the perfect foundation for the soaring guitar work of lead guitarist Rory, whose blistering solos have earned him comparisons to guitar gods like Joe Satriani and Kirk Hammet. And then there’s frontman Paul, whose powerhouse vocals are nothing short of electrifying.

So what’s next for SETTLER? One thing is for certain… SETTLER is a band that’s not to be missed.
Come join the party and experience the infectious energy and rock-and-roll swagger of Ireland’s most exciting new act.




Heavy Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Eoin Culhane - Bass
  • Martin Garcia Mortell - Guitar
  • Rory O'Dwyer - Guitar
  • Brian O'Donoghue - Drums
  • Paul McCarthy - Vocals