Necrotized Death Metal / Co. Kilkenny

Kilkenny based one-man Death Metal / Goregrind band by Shane ‘Red’ Corcoran (GROT, CRIMSON BUTCHERY, CRUCIFRACTURE).

Originally started back in 2015, Red released the digital single “Bloated Bag Of Entrails”. It would take another few years before new music was recorded again wit hthe release of his debut full length album, “Eternal Perversion” in May 2023.

“Hailing from Ireland, NECROTIZED emerges as a one-man force in the death metal scene. With influences rooted in iconic bands such as early CARCASS, SUFFOCATION, and EXHUMED, “Eternal Perversion” stands as NECROTIZED’s debut offering. This self-released masterpiece was meticulously recorded at Rua studios in Kilkenny, Ireland by Shane “Red” Corcoran and underwent mixing and mastering by Domo Dixon of GAMA BOMB fame. Adorned with the intricate artwork of Paul McCarroll, the album encapsulates the raw energy and essence of classic death metal. Dive into the dark depths of “Eternal Perversion” now available for streaming across all major platforms.”




Death Metal

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Members (Current)

  • Shane 'Red' Corcoran - Everything