Call To Arms Hardcore / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

A five piece metal band from Dublin, CALL TO ARMS have steadily built up a solid reputation for themselves around the Dublin gigging circuit. And now with their debut “Invictus” EP out since May 2015, they have their sites set on bigger goals.

Biography from the CALL TO ARMS facebook page…

CALL TO ARMS was spawned late in the Summer of 2013. Founded by Dean Donnelly (vocalist) and Jordan Conway (bass), they recruited Daniel Tyrell (lead guitar), Niall Ennis (rhythm guitar) and Ben Deane (drummer) to the cause. From the start they locked themselves away in the rehearsal room for a solid 6 months to ensure they were tight. This approach built chemistry between the band members and guaranteed a confidence for their performance. CALL TO ARMS made their live debut at the The Academy, Dublin where they performed as part of ‘The Blastbeat: Battle of the Bands’. Since then Jordan has been replaced by Alex Caffrey who incorporated a heavier attitude into the sound. Since then, CALL TO ARMS have been relentless, playing at every opportunity and building a strong loyal fanbase known as ‘The Core’. They have had some high profile shows where they have supported AVATAR, FOZZY and CHELSEA GRIN.

After releasing their debut “Invictus” EP on May 10th, drummer (Ben) left the band.




Hardcore, Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Dean Donnelly - Vocals
  • Daniel Tyrrell - L.Guitar
  • Niall Ennis - R.Guitar
  • Alex Caffrey - Bass
  • ????? - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Ben Deane - Drums
  • Jordan Conway - Bass