Lose Control (Lyric Video) by My Own Cult (2021)

MY OWN CULT are an Alt-Metal band from Cork/Tipperary featuring…

Tony Gorry on lead vocals and lead guitar.
Mike Hoye on bass and backing vocals.
Dave Fogarty on guitar and backing vocals.
Patrick Donnelly on Drums.

The band features members of Irish hard rock band MINDRIOTmt, Tony and Mike, who enlisted a second guitarist in the form of the gifted Dave Fogarty of Irish metal acts THOUGHTS OF RUIN, iBURN and SIXTH EXTINCTION along with drummer Patrick Donnelly.

“Lose Control” is the 2nd release from the band MY OWN CULT which was self recorded and then mixed by Belfast producer Josh Sid Robinson at JSR Audio studios.

An EP expected to be released by the end of 2021.