Switch To Reset (Lyric Video) by Crossfire (2023)

Lead single, opening and title track of our debut album “Switch To Reset” is the best representation of everything CROSSFIRE loves to write and perform as a thrash band. Inspired by themes of control, brainwashing and mental illness which are recurring subjects throughout the album, they wanted the first single and track to be full of twists and turns, packed to the brim with aggressive riffs and memorable melodies.

CROSSFIRE were originally formed by friends Kevin O’Connor-Conroy (guitar) and Conor Jordan (bass). Joined soon after by Dan O’Connor (drums) and Matt O’Brien (guitar) the four men quickly began gigging around Dublin. establishing a reputation as one of Ireland’s best young thrash metal bands.
They are known for combining sci-fi and horror lyricism with what has been described as “brutal, neck-snapping thrash”; metal that is both pummeling, progressive and reminiscent of the golden age of thrash.
Over the last few number of years, have played both headline shows throughout Ireland and have supported international bands such as Exhorder, Lost Society, GAMA BOMB and Xentrix

Line up (chiedere conferma)
Kevin O’Connor-Conroy| Guitar
Conor Jordan| Bass
Dan O’Connor| Drums
Matt O’Brien| Guitar


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