The Fury of the Sea (Official Lyric Video) by Beithíoch (2023)

Taken from the remastered album “Conquest” by Irish metal band BEITHÍOCH, now out on all major streaming platforms.

The song lyrics are inspired by the events on Rathlin Island 26th July 1575. Anticipating the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I’s English forces on the north coast of Ireland, rebellious Scottish Gaelic lord Sorley Boy McDonnell sent the women, children and elderly of his people to the sanctuary of Rathlin Island. When the English arrived they avoided the Irish mainland and instead besieged the castle on Rathlin Island. When the island inevitably surrendered, the English, led by Francis Dake and John Norreys proceeded to slaughter everyone they found on the island. Powerless to affect things, Sorley Boy is said to have stood watching from the clifftops and gone mad with sorrow.Filmed at various locations on the north coast of Ireland, including Downhill Whiterocks and Dunluce Castle. Very distantly can be seen the start of the Giant’s Causeway.

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