URBAN ASSAULT: AETERNUM VALE… All You Need To Know! Posted: 19/02/2017 by Philip Morrissey


Next up on the Irish Metal Archive’s rundown of bands playing at next weeks URBAN ASSAULT FEST in Cork on Saturday the 25th February. We have one of our current favourites, AETERNUM VALE. The Dublin based Melodic Black Metal quintet have been garnering much praise since the recent release of their latest EP “Ashes Of Memory”

Aeternum Vale

Colin Byrne (Vocals)
Dave Gibson (Guitars)
Cathal Hughes (Guitars)
Cory Annatar (Bass)
Dave McCarron (Drums)

– Where are they from and how did they get together?

They are five piece melodic black metal band from Dublin. Forming in the Winter of 2012 after the dissolution of another band, A DISTANT SUN, AETERNUM VALE began with just Colin Byrne and Dave Gibson jamming away in the Temple Bar Music Centre. Slowly, they moulded a sound and style that they were happy with. The line-up may have changed but they are happy that the personnel now share the same vision, goals and work ethic.

What can gig goers expect in terms of sound?

The band have taken on many different styles whether that is death, black or doom. Ultimately, the influence of bands like DISSECTION, GORGOTOTH, GATES OF ISHTAR and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM can be heard in the music. The music is aggressive, mournful and dark while maintaining melody throughout. A great deal of pride is put into their live performances. The band is always determined to make sure those present get their moneys worth. And they are passionate about the Irish metal scene and showing its best.

– Accomplishments to date!

The band have just released a new four track EP called “Ashes Of Memory”. This followed on from the 2014 album “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”. So far they have toured the length and breadth of Ireland and headlined festivals across the water in the UK. This is in addition to supporting illustrious outfits such as BEHEMOTH, 1349 and ROTTING CHRIST.

– Who are you looking forward to seeing/playing with?

“We’re looking forward to hearing AXIAL SYMMETRY blasting out their new EP live. We’re also good mates with the boys from AESECT and they always put on a great show. To be honest, we’re down for the day/night, so we’ll check everyone out and it’s going to be a great night of metal. We’re really looking forward to it.”

– Plans for 2017 and beyond?

“Well, 2017 is going to be a very busy year so we’re not planning much beyond it. After URBAN ASSULT we’re doing the Siege of Limerick next. That’ll be followed by a tour of Europe. The contracts are signed for that but we have to keep it under wraps until it’s announced by the touring company. That’ll be followed by a June show with two savage British bands SHADOW FLAG and PETRICHOR. Towards the end of the Summer, we’ll be in full writing mode because we want a full album out before the end of the year.”