THY WORSHIPER: New Album “Klechdy” (“The Tales”) release details… Posted: 21/04/2016 by John O'Brien


Dublin based Polish expatriates THY WORSHIPER are set to release their latest albumĀ “Klechdy” (“The Tales”) on May 25th through Arachnophobia Records. If their previous recent efforts are anything to go by, then it will surely be an eclectic, aural feast for the ears. Here’s the official statement from the band…

“Darkness and light, birth and death. Ethnic epos enclosed in the cyclical Sun marching. Explore the secrets concealed in 12 songs overfilled by sadness, aggression and spirit, which moves you in to places accessible hitherto for Guardians, Shamans, Witches and possessed. Thy Worshiper will surprise for the fourth time and will hit as never before by a story concealed in the music lasting an hour and a half.

Concept album “Klechdy” (“The Tales”), containing 12 songs sees daylight on the 25th of May, issued by Arachnophobia Records. The music is mature, gloomy and heavy. It may be a contender for the oddest album of the year.”

Thy_Worshiper_-_The_Tales_2016CD I
1. Gorzkie zale [Bitter Griefs]
2. Wila [Water Nymph]
3. Marzanna [Madder]
4. Halny [Foehn]
5. Post Coitum [Post Coitum]
6. Wschody [Sunrises]

7. Ziola [Herbs]
8. Slonce [Sun]
9. Grzyby [Fungus]
10. Dziady [Samhain]
11. Zywot [Existence]
12. Anielski orszak [Cherubic March]

Recorded in Soundaheadproductions Studio (
Production and mixing – Grzegorz Kudzia
mastering – Haldor Grunberg/Satanic Audio

Band members:
Marcin Gasiorowski – guitar/vocal
Anna Malarz – vocal
Dariusz Kubala – guitar/jew’s-harp/vocal
Krystian Mazur – bass/vokal
Tomasz Grzesik – percussion/ocarina/vokal
Bartosz Maruszak – drums…