Live : THE OCEAN w/MURDOCK – Cyprus Avenue, Cork [11-07-14] Posted: 12/08/2014 by John O'Brien

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know too much about THE OCEAN. Well! I knew about their background and such, but wasn’t overly familiar with their music at all. But any account of the bands live shows I’ve come across have always been of high praise. So when the opportunity to catch the band here in Cork came around I didn’t hesitate.

Murdock_live4MURDOCK were the only support for the night and the crowd was only just starting to assemble as the Local Hardcore/Noise Metallers took to the stage. Regardless though, as they were eager to show their wares to any and all present in the venue. Up in front of the stage a few of the attendees knew exactly what was coming and were getting ready with various stretching exercises and such. MURDOCK themselves warmed up a little with drummer Ronan Nolan teasing out a few simple rhythms before suddenly blasting into the set proper and literally going totally ape-shit for duration of the set. He’s an impressive sight to behold behind the kit, I’ll certainly give him that. And with Aidan Cunningham and Michael Keyes going just as ‘gung-ho’ on guitar and bass while also trading vocals, the band unload a furious and highly energetic set on the early gathering. Plenty of new material from the bands upcoming new album was aired such as ‘Erk’, ‘Old Blood Dead Lung’, the quick-fire ‘Brain Face’ and rounding things off with the ‘The Signal In The Noise’.

The_Ocean_live10THE OCEAN by comparison are a very different type of band. There’s a far more melodic and emotional aspect to them that becomes instantly apparent as soon as they take to the stage with guitarist and main protagonist, Robin Staps, getting a particularly warm reception from the eager gathering. As THE OCEAN kick things off a video screen behind the stage brings up images of water and sunlight. The beginning of our ‘Peligial’ journey for the next hour or more which will eventually take us to the absolute depths of our planets underwater world with the band providing the soundtrack and playlist for the trip.

The_Ocean_live11As I mentioned before!
I wasn’t that familiar with the bands music, but from what I could gather they pretty much played most, if not all, of their latest ‘Peligial’ album with random selections from previous efforts scattered throughout. The music shifts from intricate and melodic to heavy and dark as the set progresses, as do the visuals which move deeper into the oceans ecosystems. With the eventual climax focusing on the lightless depths while vocalist Loic Rossetti belts out persistent torrent of harsh vocals directly into the baying crowds faces as they throw it right back at him with as much power and ferocity.

The one thing that really strikes home after watching THE OCEAN is the level of respect, and even gratitude, from both the band and their fans in attendance with both parties obviously being privileged to be there. They’re such an impressive band to witness live and have certainly won over at least one more fan.


Mike McGrath Bryan also had the opportunity to sit down with the bands founder and chief, Robin Staps to discuss the bands latest ‘Peligial’ album and their upcoming festival appearances and touring plans.

Robin Staps [THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE] – Interview by Mike McGrath Bryan (11-07-14) by Irish Metal Archive on Mixcloud