Past Lives by Sonus Mortis (Death Metal, 2021)



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1. A Chuisle Mo Chroí
2. Everfall
3. Past Lives
4. Dissident Fury
5. Screen Servitude
6. Become Static
7. The Last Fragments Of Earth
8. The Devouring Design

Release Date:  25th August, 2021

All music/lyrics written & performed by: Kevin Byrne
Mixed and mastered by: Mick Richards at Trackmix Studios, Dublin, Ireland

Editor Notes:

Kevin Byrne returns with a new SONUS MORTIS album… this time paying homage to his roots and his previous band VALEDICTION. Where previous albums were more Doom/Death focused, “Past Lives” is very much a Melodic Death Metal album, but with his trademark symphonic elements still present. His vocals have come a long way since the first 2013 demo. There is more confidence and intent in the delivery here that suits the style brilliantly. The music itself is much more frenzied as waves of riffs and guitar leads spill out of the speakers. There’s a lot to take in at times, but Byrne manages to keep it all together and keeps the reigns held tight so as not to overpower the songs.

There is a serious amount of talent on display which is made all the more impressive when considering it’s all done by one man. Dare I say it… His best yet!