Sanatas (Axe Of Contrition) by Frost Ogre (Death Metal, 1990)



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1. The Grub
2. Axemaster
3. Draw the Blood
4. Hound Bastard the Almighty One
5. The Sentinel
6. Crypthor’s Awakening
7. Final Prayer
8. The Wrong-Doer
9. Tossed into the Infernal Pits of Death
10. Spine Crusher
11. Altar of Supreme Evil
12. Valley of the Carcai
13. Scourged at the Foot of the Imperial Gates of Satan
14. The Hot Winds of Death
15. Eat your Guts
16. Limb-Ripper

Bass/Vocals – Chewed Giblet
Drums/Lyre/Mandolin/Effects – John De Baptiste
Guitars/Vocals – Forthron the Evil
Keyboards/Effects – St. Francis of Haitus