Tetragrammaton by Gravefields (Death Metal, 2023)



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1. Forbidden Psalms
2. The Ascendancy
3. Archmessiah
4. The Blessed Pariah
5. Pilgrims of Amirah
6. Seraphim
7. Vagrant
8. Schasm
9. Our Allegiance

Release Date:  29th June, 2023
BUY/DOWNLOAD:  Bandcamp  –  Satanath Records
STREAM:  Spotify  

This album is a concept album based on fictionnal events and religions, inspired by the rise of messianism in the XVIIth century. In memory of Perrine.

Recorded in Cairo in 2018 and mixed in Spain in 2022.
Recorded and mixed by Alan Hurley at Subliminal Audio Productions.
Mastered by Korwent at Spearhead Sounds
Cover anrtwork by Artem Astaroth
Layout design by Alan Hurley

Vocals & Lyrics : Thomas “DM” Blanc (DIRTYPROTEST, +many, many more)
Guitars & Drums : Alan Hurley (DIRTYPROTEST, S.M.I.L.E., BRUTUS)
Bass : Paul Girvin (SYNAPSE

Editor Notes:

Blackened Death Metal from Dubliner Alan Hurley with his trusty sidekick Thomas ‘DM’ Blanc on vocals and joining the duo on this album is former SYNAPSE bassist Paul Girvin. The band was always a multinational affair, although this time around it has been expanded slightly with international stops along the way via Ireland, France, Hurley’s former country of residence in Egypt and his current home in Spain.

The album is a seriously intense listening experience. Tracks like ‘Forbidden Psalms’ and ‘The Ascendancy’ may start out with a subdued intro, but make no mistake, this album is a full on Death and Black Metal assault that does not let up. Hurley’s drumming is relentless and his guitar work is equally unforgiving. The man has a great knack for layering up his riffs and leads for maximum impact. Vocalist Thomas ‘DM’ Blanc has a wealth of experience behind him and he lets rip once again on these tracks with various vocal styles being utilised across the album, be they individually or layered to increase the overall affect.

The speed and intensity is pretty full on at times and maybe a little more variety might be of benefit. Even though it can all get a bit much on repeated spins the album as a whole is still a great listen.
In short! “Tetragrammaton” is a bit of a banger!