Dirtyprotest Death Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

OK! So I’m taking some liberties with this band.
But he got in touch and asked. And the album is an absolute belter. So I just had to!!!

DIRTYPROTEST is a band/project created by Irishman, Alan Hurley, who went on a four week holiday to Egypt back in 2014 and ended up staying. He now lives and works in Cairo as a music producer, recording for bands at at Subliminal Audio Productions.

Previously Hurley had played in a band called S.M.I.L.E. back in the 1990’s. And soon after moving to Egypt he played drums in a band called BRUTUS.

In 2019 the duo changed their name to GRAVEFIELDS and have since released two albums… “Embrace The Void” in 2019 and “Tetragrammaton” in 2023.

Official Biography…

“DIRTYPROTEST is a brutal death metal outfit created in 2016 by Dubliner Alan Hurley after moving to Egypt, playing in various bands for about a decade and working as a sound engineer recording local bands in Cairo. With some time available, he decided to write a complete album. The band’s purpose was to pay tribute to Swedish Death Metal, with intense and sharp HM-2 walls of riffs mixed with a few Hardcore and Black Metal influences.

After publishing some tracks a few years ago, Hurley met French vocalist DM (growler from WRATH FROM ABOVE, HELIOSS, HOEVERLORD and GASTROPODE) online and they started collaborating on the first album in 2016. Working from a distance over two continents, with the help of Aurélien Fouet-Barak (ASSENT) with lyrics and vocal lines, the two men finally released “Hellstorm” in August 2017.

Created as an homage to Old School Swedish Death Metal but it with a bunch of Modernity, “Hellstorm” is 36 minutes of intense, catchy, relentless and neck-breaking extreme metal. With a combination of powerful riffs and aggressive vocals, this war-themed album will not redefine anything in the actual metal scene, but will definitely attempt to deliver your daily dose of brutality and epic climax.”




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Alan Hurley - Guitar / Bass / Drums / Programming
  • Thomas 'DM' Blanc - Vocals