The Human Burden by Atheos Tranquility Regained (Death Metal, 2013)



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1. Ominous Adversary
2. Shroud of Primacy
3. The Human Burden
4. Throes of Devotion
5. The Language of the Martyrs
6. Beneath the Names
7. Towers Entombed

Release Date:  01st March, 2013
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The album was originally recorded at the end of 2011 but wasn’t officially released until early 2013.
Recorded at Komodo Mobile Studios in Mullingar.
Produced by Alwyn Walker and ATHEOS. Engineered by Alwyn Walker.
Mastered by Darrell Walker at MSB Mastering.
Photos by Emmet Connell ([email protected])
Art/Design/Layout by Paul McCarroll (

Vocals – Alan McCormack
Drums – Wayne Walsh
Guitars/Bass – John Byrne
Guitars – John Sullivan