HEXXED release new ‘Hidden Graphs’ EP… Posted: 03/07/2014 by John O'Brien

hexxed_hidden_graphs_2014Belfast based Tech/Progressive metallers HEXXED have released their new ‘Hidden Graphs’ EP on the 1st of July 2014. A new music video for the track ‘Fractalise’ will also be made available.

On first listen to ‘Fractalise’, I’ll admit I wasn’t immediately taken with it. Partly due to the drastic departure taken from the bands Death Metal roots and even from the already very different ‘The Synapse Collision’. But in the context of the EP as a whole the track definitely sits a lot better, although it is still the weakest of the four tracks on offer and interest is completely lost half way through the track. Where as the other three tracks have a much more appealing Prog style to them and are far more interesting, even if a little meandering at times.

The bands current direction and style has absolutely nothing in common with their back catalogue of releases. The early Death Metal influences have been completely cast aside in favour of this new Prog approach. So why a complete name change or fresh start altogether as new band wasn’t made, I have no idea. Never the less! It is an interesting listen and fair play to the band for following their own ideals and for trying something very rarely even attempted by a local band.

The full EP is currently streaming in full for a limited time over on (run by former HEXXED guitarist/vocalist Ciarán Tracey). And check out what the band have to say about the relese below (if it makes any sense to you)



“HEXXED return with a new EP and a completely new sound. Hidden Graphs sees the band enter uncharted waters in terms of music, lyric and concept. ‘Hidden Graphs’ contains four tracks of multilayered, time bending music inspired by trips into the mountains and trips outside of objective reality. The music is still intricate and consuming, delivered with both intensity and a measured hand.

This time HEXXED worked with the highly regarded engineer Neal Calderwood to produce an EP that is rich in sound and truly opens out on repeated listens. Martin Byrne provides additional sonic weight by taking the original recorded output, hexxifing it and then throwing it back into the mix. The result is both beautiful and unnerving!

Hidden Graphs is immediate and challenging, complex and simple. It is the result of careful thought and yet retains a visceral character. It was challenging for the band to perform and it could be challenging for its audience to bear. It exists in its own right and is channeled from beyond the hands of the performers.