GOD ALONE: Cork Lads WIN!!!! Mammothfest Best Band… Posted: 08/10/2018 by John O'Brien


Well now! Serious congratulations has to be given to our very own GOD ALONE.

The Cork young’flas didn’t only just romp home as winners of the Mammothfest Best Band here in Ireland. But they hit the 3-day fest in Brighton, Mammy’s in tow to compete in the main event. The Biys took to the stage alongside fellow Irish Competitors JENOVA and a host of talent from across the UK… and sure look’t… They’ve only gone and won the whole damn yoke!

GOD ALONE. are a 5 piece Post Metal band from Cork, consisting of Jake O’Driscoll (Guitar/Vocals), Cian Mullane (Bass/Vocals), Seán Thompson (Guitar), Dylan Kelly (Keys/Synth) and Jack O’Hanlon (Drums). They combine the huge atmosphere of post metal and wretched black metal vocals with elements of drone​​. Their debut EP entitled “INTIVIM” was officially released on the 19th August 2017. And their latest Single/Music Video ‘Dagda’ was released at the end of September 2018.