Free Download: VILE REGRESSION Release ‘Empires’ Posted: 19/12/2014 by Trevor McCormack

Yes, you did read it right, Dublin tech metallers Vile Regression have just announced that their brand new record “Empires” is free for all!



Guitarist Brian Brady comments:
“We’ve been blown away by the positive feedback we have received from the online metal community and printed metal press for ‘Empires’. The reviews have been incredibly positive and at this stage we want as many people to hear the record as possible! On top of this, the EP has already become available to download on various blogs and torrent sites, so rather than metal fans downloading a poor quality version, we want them to be able to download a full quality release of ‘Empires’, along with the artwork, lyrics and be able to share the download link with their friends. We hope people will enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it and look forward to seeing many of you on the road in 2015. Happy Christmas from Vile Regression!”




Vile_Regression_Empires_20141. Tides
2. Raze The Complexity
3. Dream Of The Red Chamber
4. Thought Replication
5. The Abstract
6. Down To A Sunless Sea
7. The Empyrean Divide

Barry Christie – Guitar
Kenn Christie – Bass
Rob Behan – Drums
Padraig Croke – Vocals
Brian Brady – Guitar



VILE REGRESSION : Formed from the ashes of Irish extreme metal outfit VISITOR QVILE REGRESSION hit the scene in 2010 and released debut record “The Pattern Evolves” in 2011 via Casket Music.

After sharing stages with prolific heavyweights such as DYSCARNATE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and UNEARTH, VILE REGRESSION built a reputation as a tight and energetic new addition to the extreme metal underground and 2013 saw the band head back to the studio to record a new installment… “Empires”.

“Empires” was recorded at Trackmix Studio in Dublin, Ireland with producer Michael Richards and features 7 tracks of extreme metal; technical, but not technical for the sake of it, and songs which would bode well on the ears of those with a penchant for progressive metal on the darker and heavier end. The record was officially released on 21st July 2014.

Check out ‘The Empyrean Divide’ (Playthrough Video)

“by Trevor McCormack