Exclusive! : Stream New TWISTED WRATH – ‘Jackals’ EP… Posted: 28/12/2015 by John O'Brien

Twisted_Wrath_-_Jackals_2016Galway/Mayo thrashers TWISTED WRATH are back. And with a brand new release, “Jackals”. And being the generous types that we are, we have teamed up with TWISTED WRATH to let everyone hear it exclusively right here on the Irish Metal Archive before it’s official release on Saturday the 2nd January 2016.

The two track “Jackals” EP was recorded with SHARDBORNE‘s Ciaran Culhane back in early August and is their first since the the excellent “Madmans Chorus” over two and a half years ago! “Jackals” is the first recording from TWISTED WRATH that sees the band now adopting a classic power trio band arrangement, with vocalist and frontman Patrick Fitzgerald having switched from guitars to bass, and also sees them evolving further from previous previous efforts, incorporating some new influences to their sound and style while sharing the creative work load more efficiently and effectively.

Opening track ‘The Jackal’ has more than a whiff of ANTHRAX off the main guitar riff. But about a third of the way in the track takes on a whole new form, with Chuck Schuldiner’s DEATH instantly being the dominant influence. Not outright death metal by any stretch, but certainly in the feel and tone of the vocal stylings, guitar leads and particularly in David Mahony’s brilliant drum work. Next up is ‘The Beast’. Another diverse track with various influences and styles pushing through! Like the definite TOOL vibe off the bass during the opening section. It follows on perfectly from ‘The Jackal’ and even has a few high pitched vocals thrown in to boot, not too far removed from RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH‘s Joe McDonnell. But the band again change tack for the mid section, where we see Fitzgerald taking full advantage of his new role as bassist, throwing out chunky doom bass lines that take the fore throughout.

TWISTED WRATH have had to rethink themselves a little over the last year. And “Jackals” definitely proves that they are well able to adapt, as is evident by Colin Dunne using his new found freedom to branch out and experiment a little with some of his guitar leads. But as ‘The Beast’ finishes with a lengthy fade out, I really can’t help but wish there was more to this release. No matter how good the individual songs are, at just two tracks “Jackals” is painfully short and leaves you simply begging for more. So here’s hoping a full length isn’t too far off.

“Jackals” will be officially released on Saturday the 2nd January 2016 as a limited run of CDs and a digital download.

Catch them live supporting Finnish thrashers AXEGRESSOR on Jan 8th at The Loft, Galway and on Jan 9th at Fibbers, Dublin.

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The Irish Metal Archive also caught up with TWISTED WRATH frontman Patrick Fitzgerald for a chat about the band, the new EP and what they have in store for 2016.
So be sure to check back early in the New Year for that…!!!

Review by John O’Brien.