Bloodstock M2TM 2016 – Heat One Kicks-off… Posted: 14/01/2016 by John O'Brien


It’s that time of year again! The smell of blood is in the water and the sharks are circling, as thirty-five bands from around the country have their collectives eyes on the prize… A chance to play at this years Bloodstock Open Air Ferstival in Walton on Trent, Derbyshire between August 11th and Aug 15th. Rubbing shoulders with giants like MASTODON, ANTHRAX, GOJIRA, BEHEMOTH, FEAR FACTORY, PARADISE LOST, ROTTING CHRIST and the one and only… TWISTED SISTER? So definitely not something to be scoffed at.


Heat One kicks-off the competition in Fibbers this weekend on January 16th with five eager acts all wanting to make it through to one of the semi-finals on March 19th and April 9th, and ultimately to the final itself on April 23rd.

MENISCUS are a new Progressive metal band hailing from Waterford. The three-piece is made up by guitarist & lead vocals Bill Stuart, John Keane (BLACKWATER PARK) on bass & vocals and Mark Stuart on drums & vocals. It’s still early days for MENISCUS, but they are already planning to release their first EP in the near future. For now they have a track title ‘Shame’ up on their Soundcloud page which, given it’s notable OPETH influence, will certainly appeal to many and definitely deserves some attention.


Two Tales Of Woe

TWO TALES OF WOE are one of the more resilient and hard-working heavy metal bands to come out of Dublin in recent times. First formed in 2005, the group take inspiration from a number of genres ranging from Doom and Sludge, to Classic Rock/Metal… down tuned and beefed up! After some line-up issues in late 2014, the band took a short hiatus but were back in the ring ring and swinging once again by Spring 2015, with former ACRID NEBULA guitarist Justin Moloney now having joined the ranks.

You can download TWO TALES OF WOE‘s debut full-length album “A Conversation With Death” for free on SoundCloud and bandcamp now.



MEGACONE are a 5-piece instrumental band formed in November 2013. The band started when five music students collaborated on a project of total musical freedom. With each member bringing a different pallet of musical tastes and abilities to the band, the result is an incredibly unique range of sounds that can appeal to anyone. MEGACONE have an ear catching sound with their triple lead guitars and their immersive original compositions. The band released their first EP “Fondle Fantasy” on January 31st 2015 to a sold out crowd, in The Mercantile, Dublin and have been busy throughout 2015 gigging as often as possible, with writing and rehearsing for their next release well under way.

A young band with buckets of talent and definitely one to watch out for in 2016.



NAUTILUS are one of the more recent Doom Metal band to come out of Dublin. They originally started out just as a studio project for the first couple of years with the original 4-piece, Alan Hanlon on bass, Cathal Hughes on vocals, John Leonard on guitar and Connor O’Brien on drums, recording and released their “Trials” EP in early 2013. Cloaky Jones then joined the ranks as a second guitarist and soon after the band began to hit the local gigging circuit. 2014 saw the band record and release their second self-titled EP, which they launched on August 1st in Fibber’s, Dublin.

NAUTILUS have gigged throughout 2015 in various areas around Ireland. And the band are currently putting the finishing touches to their first full-length album. I have no doubt it will be killer.


The Magnapinna

Only active on the gigging circuit for a short period, THE MAGNAPINNA only played their first gig in Cork Community Print Shop on the 14th November 2015. But it’s members are certainly no strangers to the stage. They are one of two new Cork outifts after popping up in 2015 which includes members who were formerly in the mighty FIVE WILL DIE.

THE MAGNAPINNA are more of an alternative rock/metal, with a healthy dose of humour added, as evident from their debut single and music video for the track ‘Charm Offensive’.

The follow-up to ‘Charm Offensive’ is currently in the works, which will hopefully surface early in 2016.




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