William Shatner Black Metal / Co. Fermanagh

WILLIAM SHATNER were built in 1926. Soon after they were deemed too ugly and talentless to survive in the world and were fast frozen. 100 years too early, an accident involving cheese caused an explosion that thawed these talentless ‘Princes of the Night’ and released them upon an unsuspecting new century. These un-rehearsed and often un-conscious musicians(?) have, as yet, not managed to learn any instruments but have gone ahead with the recording of their first album (…for a brief period during the sixties,we are William Shatner..) and the results can be heard on this page. There has been talk of live shows involving no musicians, nude midgets and vast tanks of cheese sauce, of horrible audience torture and humiliation. All you need to know is…. if you have a problem, if no one else can help, if you can find them, maybe you can hire the poptastic reggae stylings of… WILLIAM SHATNER.

Since 2009, CHRISTORGY has joined forces with fellow Fermanagh oxygen wasters WILLIAM SHATNER to create a band that actually plays gigs, namely WILLIAM CHRIST & THE ONE MAN ORGY, who released their first full length album, ‘Cranium Smashing Stupidity’ in 2010. This album has garnered vaguely favorable reviews and the band have gathered a following in Ireland for some obscure reason.




Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore


Changed Name

Members (Current)

  • Yeasty Gussetti - Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Programming/Engineering/Recording/Pasta
  • Condament Cul De Sax - Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Idiot/Perforated Arab Neck Twig
  • Gorgo Chicken Expeller - Bass/Vocals/Cranial Vomit/Custard Bucket and Vine
  • John Moffatt "Tiberius Nyarlethotep" - Greased Granite Banjo/Projectile Swearing/team mascot and fuck-puppet
  • Mr Groinal Rott - Drums
  • Jamster Ringtone - Insulated Bolivian Nose Flute