The Musical Weapon by William Shatner (Black Metal, (unknown))



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01. I Am Not A Stick
02. Ahh! The Sun Is On Stilts
03. Sticky Fart – Fucking For No Good Reason
04. What… So You Wank In The Eyes Of Children
05. Pain = Cum
06. When Grindcore Goes Wrong
07. Does This Tissue Smell Of Chloroform To You
08. Jaywatch – Tapeworms Stole My Mars Bar
09. Too Queer For Beer
10. Mushroom Flavoured Swiss Roll
11. Dark Load
12. Heroin And All The Books You Can Eat

Yeasty Gussetti – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming/Sound Engineering and Recording, Pasta
Condament Cul De Sax – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Idiot, Perforated Arab Neck Twig
Gorgo Chicken Expeller – Bass, Vocals, Cranial Vomit, Custard Bucket and Vines (backing)
Tiberius Nyarlethotep – Greased Granite Banjo, Projectile Swearing, Team Mascot and Fuck-Puppet.
Mr Groinal Rott – Drums
Jamster Ringtone – Insulated Bolivian Nose Flute