The Watch Heavy Metal / Co. Fermanagh

Originally formed by Nico Millar along with Paul Gallagher, Caimin O’Shea along with Brian Armstrong and Conor Mathews, and intended to be a punk band. As time passed Brian and Conor were dropped, Lorcan McManus joined the band, the punk approach was abandoned and THE WATCH was fully formed. Shane Donegan would join as a fifth member down the line. They played with many local bands such as NICE’N’SLEAZY and SORROWFALL in various venues around Enniskillen and Belfast.

They recorded their first four track demo around 2003/04…???) which included four tracks. ‘Flame Of Night’ (re-written for unfinished 2006 Demo), ‘Under A Howling Moon’ (re-recorded for 2005 Demo), ‘Liberator’ (re-recorded as ‘A Witch Among Us’ for 2005 Demo) and ‘Trogdor The Burninator’ (HOMESTAR RUNNERS cover). Their second S/T demo, which is featured here in full, was officially released in 2005. A third demo was started during 2006 but was left unfinished after founding member Nico Millar left the band. Tracks that recording had begun for included ‘Flame Of Night’, ‘Lost In Time’, ‘Of Hell I Dream’ and the only completed track ‘Nice Night For A Walk’ (also include here).

There’s also a few live tracks from a gig the band played at ‘Blakes’ in Enniskillen sometime around 2005/06.




Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Caimin O'Shea - Vocals/L.Guitars
  • Shane Donegan - R.Guitars
  • Lorcan McManus - Bass
  • Paul Gallagher - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Brian Armstrong - Bass
  • Conor Mathews - R.Guitars
  • Nico Millar - Vocals/L.Guitars