Steel Tormentor Heavy Metal / Co. Mayo

STEEL TORMENTOR is a traditional Heavy metal band based in north Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. Originally formed back in 1996 as a metal covers band and eventually made the switch  to a full time originals band  in 2003.

The band never had a stable line-up other than James Kelly before the recording of the debut, with various members not listed below coming and going over the years.

In July 2011 due to frustration at not being able to keep a stable line-up together James Kelly returned to a solo recording set-up to work on different projects. All STEEL TORMENTOR plans were put on hiatus, but the band was reactivated in mid-2012 by Kelly as a studio project.




Heavy Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • James Kelly - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards

Members (Former)

  • John Hanly - Bass
  • Paul Newell - Bass
  • Danny Rowe - Bass
  • Ian Ferguson - Drums
  • Seanie Walsh - Drums
  • Paul Donnellan - Drums
  • Kevin Ryder - Drums
  • Norman Rafter - Guitars
  • Patrick Fitzgerald - Guitars