Roper Groove Metal / Co. Limerick

And so, to our newest (and smelliest) release to date, “Regardless We’re Still Rusting”.

In the years following “Gallows Hill”, our sound matured as we added local screamy bastard, Handsome Dan (O’Carroll) to the lineup. The addition of dual heavy vocals knocked the pants clean off many of the poor, unassuming punters at Baker Place (RIP). Heavier riffs written, gigs got more hectic, several people fell over in the ruckus. We never managed to get back to the studio before deciding to call it a day in early 2010. However, resident skin rattler Brian Meaney offered up the suggestion of recording a final EP as a sort of farewell.

Though we had a wealth of material to choose from, we ultimately whittled it down to… ‘Breach on Holy Law’, ‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ and ‘Mouth of Illness’. Recorded at our practise space by Brian Meaney and mixed by Owen Lewis, it was offered up on our Facebook for free download in early 2011 before finally being uploaded to the big streaming sites last month.

Thus ends our fond stroll down Discography Lane. Thank you for indulging us.




Groove Metal, Heavy Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Brian O’Brien - Vocals / Guitar
  • Conor O’Brien - Bass
  • Brian Meaney - Drums
  • Bryan Griffin - Guitar
  • Dan O'Carroll - Vocals

Members (Former)

  • Dave Daly - Guitar