Ohdaith Doom Metal / Co.

After a debut performance at 2014 Siege of Limerick (IRL), opening for inspirational fellow underground Irish greats “From the Bogs of Aughiska” and a successful UK & IRL tour with Irish grind kings Abaddon Incarnate, the unholy mass of blackened doom will thus continue.


“…OHDAITH… Dark unholy demonic verses accompanied by atmospheric symphony’s of Doom… “

“… and so let me present myself to you… I am OHDAITH.

   I bring to you my sound, my storys, my visions, my experiences in the form of dark unholy symphonys, within a demonic nature.

   Some will be true from life or death, some wont, some will be heavy, some wont, some I will tell, some will have been told to me, but ALL, I hope you will consume, digest, and take from them what you wish.

   I confess, I will not follow any trends or rules, ì will not hurt, or intend to offend, i will not try to be something or someone not currently residing inside or around me. I will write what i feel, sometimes good, sometimes not, my aim is to bring you on my dark journey, so you are  not alone.

   If you will allow, I will lead… lead you through experiences and woes in darkness. But all I will tell with conviction and i pray for you to the shadows black and the dark that owns them, that you may experience some equation of harmony as much as I enjoy presenting them for you…



Doom Metal, Occult Doom

Year Formed