Moral Crusade Hardcore / Co. Dublin

MORAL CRUSADE  (1988 – 1991)

Following the demise of both CHROMATIC DEATH and KILLER WATT, Ratz and Joe got together again the following June of 1988. Roped in on bass duties was Trevor Elliott who was formerly a member of another Dublin Thrash band called PANIC, who had recorded their one and only demo ‘The Secret Slam’ in 1987. And finally! Dave “Pincher” was asked to come onboard as vocalist and that was the beginning of MORAL CRUSADE.

They wasted no time in writing and rehearsing new material and the following September recorded 5 tracks (including intro) in Electra Studios which they released as their ‘Immoral Condition’ demo. The demo itself is really quite good with a very aggressive and technical style of thrash that promised a lot from the still very much new band. It was very well received on the local scene and the band made their live debut as support to none other than the legendary SUICIDAL TENDANCIES, for which they received a very favourable response from fans and good reviews from music magazines.

The band took some time at the beginning of 1989 to concentrate on writing and rehearsing new material. But soon after Trev decided to leave the band and was replaced within a week by Mano, re-uniting the CHROMATIC DEATH line-up once again. This line-up recorded the ‘An Act Of Violence’ LP later in the year which was officially released in early 1990. With a better overall production the album still holds up as very good release. But poor management, promotion and distribution of the LP combined with burn-out from constant gigging lead to the band taking a break in 1991. But they never properly got back together.

As of June 2013, ‘An Act Of Violence’ together with the original ‘Immoral Condition’ demo has finally been released on CD through Irish label Slaney Records.




Hardcore, Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Dave "Pincher" - Vocals
  • Paul “Ratz” Kennedy - Guitar
  • "Mano" - Bass
  • Joe - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Trevor Elliott - Bass