Rehearsal Tape 1987 by Chromatic Death Moral Crusade (Hardcore, 1987)



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1. Dead Serious (Attitude Adjustment)
2. American Paronoia (Attitude Adjustment)
3. Sit There (The Crumbsuckers)
4. Live To Work (The Crumbsuckers)
5. So Much Fun (The Stupids)
6. It’s Fun To You (The Stupids)
7. I Dont Wanna Hear It (Minor Threat)
8. Small Man, Big Mouth (Minor Threat)
9. Couch Slouch (D.R.I.)

Thanks to ‘Ratz’ for being OK with me adding this demo to the Archive.

“Pincher” – Vocals
Paul “Ratz” Kennedy – Guitars
“Mano” – Bass
“Joe” – Drums