Misanthropy Death Metal / Co. Dublin

Originally started out in February 1991 going be the name MISANTHROPY and played a brutal style of Technical Death Metal. They were regulars on the early 1990’s gigging scene in Dublin and also made a few trips further afield around the country regularly sharing the stage with other notable Irish bands at the time such as FORSAKEN/PRIMORDIAL, MINAS TIRITH/CRUACHAN, MORPHOSIS, SYNAPSE, AFTERLIFE, SEPTIC SNAILS among many others.

The original line-up of Dave McKeever (Vocals/Guitar), Robin Bailey (Guitar), Stephen Norton (Drums) and Wayne Clifford (Bass) with Simon Fitzpatrick (Keyboards) recorded the ‘Bruised Opinion’ demo in April-May of 1992 and initially released it as MISANTHROPY. However in July of that year they were approached by the French band MISANTHROPE who owned the copyright to all forms of that name, so Rob came up with the name FIFTH DOMINION while reading a Clive Barker novel and subsequently amended and re-packaged the demo’s cover art to reflect the new moniker…

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Death Metal, Technical Death Metal


Changed Name