Hornets Hardcore / Co. Antrim

I stumbled across this one over on the Drop-D website. Pretty catchy stuff and worth listening to. I can’t tell you anything about them other than this piece of blurb I whipped from the D’s site…

“Some lovely, dirty rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of Belfast boys Hornets, a band comprised of lads from bands like Team Fresh and Bomb City 7, has recently found its way to D HQ courtesy of their fellow Northerners Lantern for a Gale‘s stamp of approval.

Lots on offer here to keep fans of heaviosity happy, with Thrash Hallion coming off much like a far less serious High on Fire or a more hardcore-inflected Motorhead, while B-side Two Common Thieves is a seriously cocky, bass-led affair, closer to old-school punk than anything else, albeit with the urgency and heft of compatriots Comply or Die.”




Hardcore, Heavy Rock, Rock