Foothill Roots Atmospheric Black Metal / Co. Galway

Atmospheric Black Metal from Co. Offaly/Galway.

A continuation of sorts from Callan Hoy’s previous project, ASTRURDA. Not much more info available on. Simply a few demo releases, “Nature Resonates”, “Rural” and “Into The Sun” and a full length “Through The Night” released on Canadian label Old Mill Artifacts (Canada)

Odd cover artworks for the demos too, with all depicting woodland animals in various settings. Are ducks KVLT these days? Or should I say DVCKS…

Once again, Hoy has decided to change the tone of his music slightly and so a new monicker was created for is ongoing musical output. As of June 2022 he has released the first demo entitled “Torrents” under the name ATLANTIC. 


Galway, Offaly


Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal

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  • Callan Hoy - Info Needed