Famine Hardcore / Co. Dublin

Originally formed in 2006 under the name FORGING FRIENDSHIPS, this Dublin based hardcore band released their first 5-track CD in July 2007, called ‘Life At This Speed’ on local Dublin label Half Shell Records. At the end of the same year they demoed three more tracks which were later featured on a split demo with FIRST DEATH IN NOVA SCOTIA, again on Half Shell Records.

2008 saw the band demo more tracks but before the end of the year that joined Hurry Up! Records and renamed themselves FAMINE for their 2009 debut album release ‘Every Road Leads Back Here’. 2011 saw the band release their second full length album, ‘Shadows Of The Past’ for Forty Six Records. Both are available to stream/download from their Bandcamp page along with other previous releases.

“FAMINE is a band that writes their music collectively and because of that their music is the result of five sets of different tastes and influences coming together to create something that incorporates elements of each while trying to avoid scene trends and tired clichés. The music shifts from the fast and intense to the epic and melodic while maintaining a heavy sound. The lyrics are intensely personal and deal with issues of family, love and regret – and the emotion of these themes is mirrored in the band’s music.”





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Ian Kelly - Vocals
  • Lee Byrne - Guitar
  • Robbie Kirwan - Guitar
  • Stephen Cruise - Bass
  • Jonathan Boyce - Drums