Effa Lente Instrumental / Co. Donegal

Official Biography…

EFFA LENTE is a project conceived by David Alfred Reilly, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and the former lead guitarist of Irish doom metal band, GRAVEYARD DIRT. Having worked in a recording studio for a number of years working mainly on music for TV and film, and also having recorded the GRAVEYARD DIRT EP “Shadows Of Old Ghosts”, Reilly gained a lot of experience and soon felt the urge to challenge himself further and go out on his own, writing and recording as a solo musician. Consequently, he left GRAVEYARD DIRT in 2011 after the release of “For Grace Or Damnation” and decided to concentrate on releasing music by himself.

His first release is entitled The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4″. A full album weighing in at 44.5 minutes long, but with only one track… a record one would associate with the prog rock genre… think Steven Wilson, Opeth, King Crimson, early Queen, Mike Oldfield, Muse, Frank Zappa and or Yann Tiersen.


Donegal, Dublin


Instrumental, Progressive

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  • David Alfred Reilly - All Instruments