Dream Awake Metalcore / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

DREAM AWAKE are young metalcore band from Belfast.
Most of the band members were in a previous Alt/Punk band called DROP YOUR GUNS.

Official Biography…

DREAM AWAKE are a melodic post-hardcore band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Founded in late 2014, they released their debut single “Burdens” on November 15th, followed by the music video which was premiered on January 17th 2015.
Their debut EP “Pathfinder” was released on August 14th, recorded and produced at Manor Park Studio by Neal Calderwood.
DREAM AWAKE collaborate the heavy style of post-hardcore music, melodic clean vocals and guitar, with a mystical element to make our sound unique. We aspire to write music and lyrics that display a real message and people can feel a connection to, whether it be standing at a live show or listening to a record.”





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Conor Kelly - Vocals / Guitar
  • Dave Houston - Vocals
  • Matt Harvey - Guitar
  • Daniel Kelly - Drums
  • Craig Leetch - Bass