Don’t Think Atmospheric Metal / Co. Cork

Editor Notes:

Not an outright metal project, by any stretch, but certainly some of the releases delve into the atmospheric Black/Doom end of the pool.
Particularly “EP No.1”, “EP No.2” and the debut “Into The Storm”.

The other ‘Noise’ albums… “Noise Machine”, “Noise Machine: LIVE in Glasgow” and “Noise Mixer” are purely ambient/noise feedck loop affairs, so not going bother adding them here (Sorry!).

DON’T THINK is an experimental music project formed by Arran Tenzin Bradstock in 2018, based in Co. Cork, Ireland.
While the style and genre vary greatly between releases, the sound revolves around a mix of hypnotic drones, deep ambient passages and harsh noisescapes.

To date DON’T THINK has released two EPs (“EP No.1” and “EP No.2”), three full length albums (“Into The Storm”, “Noise Machine” and “Noise Mixer”) and a live release (Noise Machine: LIVE in Glasgow).




Atmospheric Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal

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  • Arran Bradstock - All Music