Desolate Winter Black Metal / Co. Dublin

DESOLATE WINTER are an Irish Black Metal band born in 1994. The ethos of the band has always been to create emotional & darkly beautiful, atmospheric music that pierces the psyche and touches the soul. Symphonic dark operas weave themes of yearning, mourning, anger & passion. The band began as a five piece from Dublin which were heavily influenced by the Norwegian Black metal scene of the 1990’s.

There is only a rehearsal demo from around 1995(as far as I know) that features the original band. But in more recent years, Adam Lynch has adopted the original band name and created a number of solo compositions. This newer incarnation of DESOLATE WINTER is counterpoint to it’s early black metal influences with a more contemporary sound closer to Gothic/Doom Metal. There were a number of demos posted online back in 2008 and more, as yet unfinished, demos are also available on his Youtube channel.




Black Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic/Dark Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Adam Lynch - Vocals / All Instruments

Members (Former)

  • Stephen Edwards - Drums
  • Keith Duffy - Guitar
  • Declan Dagger - Guitar
  • John McGonigal - Bass