Creep Alternative / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

CREEP have been knocking around the Dublin area since 2010. A handful of decent demos have been recorded and made available to listen online. They describe themselves as grunge/rock/metal, which is accurate enough as there are quite a few varied influences creeping (see what I did there…) through in their music. ALICE IN CHAINS is probably the biggest influence. Especially with the vocals! The recordings are rough around the edges but there’s certainly no denying they can write a decent song. At times it can seem a little scattered sounding and that maybe they should just focus on one specific style but then more often than not it actually seems to work and given more attention and time they could be onto something really interesting.

After a brief haitus the band are back and gigging again as of early 2016 and got on the bill to play at the Longitude festival. 2017 sees CREEP taking part in the Bloodstock M2TM competition where the wone the crowd vote in Heat 2 on the 4th February.

Taken from CREEP’s Facebook…

“In February 2010, four boys started a band with the dream of becoming a somewhat successful rock band. After one show, they realized we need a fifth member to make that happen. Now, many years later and after events as troublesome as looking for a new singer and an bassist who traveled as far as Spain to find himself, CREEP have returned to try and recapture that dream of moderate musical success. Piecing together musical influences from 90s grunge groups like ALICE IN CHAINS and PEARL JAM, classic hard rock legends from QUEEN to GUNS N’ ROSES, and a dash of doom metal, such as early BLACK SABBATH and ELECTRIC WIZARD the boys have become men and are in the business of bringing heavy riffs with melody to the masses. And cans, plenty of cans.




Alternative, Grunge, Hard Rock, Rock

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Members (Current)

  • Liam Noctor - Lead Guitar
  • Jake O'Reilly - Rythm Guitar
  • Layne Mcguinness - Drums
  • James Kearney - Bass
  • Jason Mcguinness - Vocals