Corrupted Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin


Formed in 1999, CORRUPTED were regulars on the gigging circuit up and down the country. They only released one demo titled ‘Feed On The Weak’ back in 2002. Combining Swedish styled Melodic Death Metal with the classic SLAYER and Bay Area Thrash style and the tried and tested heaviness and groove of bands like PANTERA, the CD really is a cracker and stands out as one of the highlight of Irish Metal from the early 2000’s. The opening salvo of ‘Devils Breath’ and ‘Born Of Dust’ are more melodic sounding than the rest of the demos tracks which display a much Thrashier SLAYER styled approach and they absolutely KILL…!!! ‘In The Garden’ and ‘Goregasm‘ definitely being the stand outs.

The band didn’t last much longer after the release of ‘Feed On The Weak’. They made a name change to AGONY DESIGN in 2003 and recorded three new tracks for a future release. But these recordings would prove to be the bands dying gasps as not long after Emmet was dropped from the band and eventually it was decided to fold completely. All of the bands tracks including the three previously unreleased pre-production tracks were later released for free download on the bands Bebo page. And Dave has been good enough to allow me post them up on the Archives bandcamp. Check them out below!




Thrash Metal

Year Formed



Changed Name

Members (Current)

  • Morgan Deane - Vocals
  • Dave Gibson - Guitars
  • Muiris Ó Fiannachta - Guitars
  • Antony Weston - Drums
  • Emmet Quinn - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Kevin Doogan - Guitars